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Welcome to the Hardie® Plank weatherboard material calculator

This tool is designed to help in calculating the quantity of Hardie® Plank cladding boards needed for your project.

Please note this is an estimate of the minimum order quantity generally required. All quantities should be checked by the contractor prior to installation.
How to calculate the right measurments?

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Please also consider internal and external corners as well as profiles and trims in your individual calculation. With HardiePlank Starter Ventilation or Top Ventilation profiles and HardieTrim you can ensure an optimal installation. Moreover, applicating the products is very easy with the HardieBlade saw and HardieGuillotine for cutting.

Please note the quantities suggested are estimates and based on a general calculation. Before placing your order please double check the required quantities with your dealer.

Before using the calculator, you will need the following measurements:
  1. Total width of each façade multiplied by height (excluded gable ends)
  2. Total gable cladding area (if needed). To calculate, multiply the width by the maximum height and divide by two
  3. Length of the bottom and top of all windows and doors will give the total number of metres for ventilation profiles.
  4. The vertical height of external and internal corners will provide the total number of metres of trim required.